Confidentiality of medical records at the UWA Medical Centre

Are my medical records confidential?

Answer ID 475 | Last updated on 07/02/2022 01.14 PM

Information on your medical record held at the UWA Medical Centre is confidential. The UWA Medical Centre maintains your records in keeping with standards of professional conduct.

Record Keeping
Your medical records are not accessible to any person outside the UWA Medical Centre. Information provided by you is not transferred in part or whole to any other staff or student record within the university or outside to other bodies.

Release Of Information
Information about you may be released to parties outside the Medical Centre only with explicit consent from you. Release of information usually requires written consent signed by you.

Limits Of Confidentiality
Information may be disclosed without your consent when

  • There exists a clear danger to you or others
  • There exists a legal obligation to do so

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