Getting help with your timetable and class allocations

Where can I get help doing my timetable and class allocations?

Answer ID 512 | Last updated on 26/04/2022 01.45 PM

Organising your timetable is your responsibility at UWA. Once enrolled, you can choose your classes and create your timetable through the Class Allocation System (CAS).

There are resources available on the CAS website to guide you through the process of creating your timetable as well as a dedicated CAS support contact person for each of your units (displayed in the "Message" box which appears once you log in to CAS and click on an activity).

You can also contact the Transition Services team for assistance with your timetable, via Email Us or by calling +61 8 6488 7130 or +61 8 6488 6789

If you need further assistance, there are drop-in help sessions for new students during Orientation week - check the UniStart website for dates and times.

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