Alternative Exit explained

What does Alternative Exit mean?

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Alternative Exit means that you have chosen to graduate from an award which is different from the award associated with your postgraduate course; or you have chosen to graduate from only one of the awards in a combined course.

Alternative Exit for Postgraduate Courses
For example, if you do not wish to complete the Master of Oil and Gas Engineering course and you have completed the requirements for a lesser qualification in accordance of the course rules you may apply to the School to exit with the approved course. The course rules will state if it is possible for you to graduate with a lesser qualification i.e. a graduate diploma or a graduate certificate instead of a Master degree. Submit your Alternative Exit Form to your Student Advising Office.

Alternative Exit for Combined Courses
For example, if you are enrolled on a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce combined degree but you wish to graduate only with a Bachelor of Commerce you can fill in an Alternative Exit Form and submit it to both Science and Arts, Business, Law and Education for approval. Once the form is approved and processed you will be able to graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce (as long as you have completed all the course requirements for that course).

If you're unsure of your options, have a chat to your Student Advising Office to see what's possible, and complete the form below. 

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