Obtaining an award certificate from a ceremony you didn't attend after completing a combined or concurrent course

I have completed two courses concurrently and will attend one graduation ceremony. How do I get my other certificate?

Answer ID 540 | Last updated on 26/08/2022 10.30 AM

At your ceremony you will receive the award certificate for the award conferred at that ceremony.

Your other award certificate/s will be conferred in absentia at a in absentia conferral date. These will be sent to you, by Registered Post (within Australia) or DHL Courier (overseas), from Student Administration, approximately 10 working days after the completion of the scheduled Graduation Ceremony.

As part of your graduation, as well as receiving an original hard copy award certificate (testamur) you'll also receive access to certified digital copies of your award certificate and Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) via My eQuals.

While you're waiting for your hard copy to arrive, you'll receive an email from My eQuals approximately two working days after the ceremonies finish to let you know your certified digital award certificate and AHEGS are ready for you to view and start sharing.

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