UWA student campus card for identification for exams

Do I need my UWA student campus card to take an examination?
On-Campus Exams
Your UWA Campus Card is your official student identification and can be used at all examinations (both mid semester and finals). If you do not have your UWA Campus Card you must provide your Passport or Australian Drivers Licence. 

Online Exams
You need your UWA Campus Card, a Passport or Australian Drivers Licence to sit an online proctored exam. You will show it to the online proctor to verify your identity before the exam starts. 
If you have lost your card, report it online so it's blocked from being used in someone else's possession.  Student Administration is always open during exams for you to get your campus card, if you need a new or replacement card, come in and see us before your examination to have one printed.

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