Cancelling your staff parking permit

How do I cancel my staff parking permit?

Answer ID 609 | Last updated on 15/11/2022 08.11 AM

You can cancel your parking permit for the following reasons:

  • Staff who resign or retire from the University automatically have their deductions stopped on their final pay day
  • Staff who no longer have a requirement for a parking permit may apply to have their parking payroll deduction cancelled
  • Staff who are on leave, long service leave, study leave etc for a consecutive period of 3 months or more, may also apply to have their parking payroll deduction cancelled
Before your salary deduction is cancelled you must return your parking permit to Unipark along with a completed Cancellation of Payroll Authority form. The University does not back date any cancellation of parking payroll deduction.

Unipark will send the completed form to Human Resources who will action it from the next available pay.
Note: You cannot re-apply for a parking permit within 4 months of cancellation.

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