How to obtain a staff parking permit if you occasionally bring your vehicle to campus

I am a staff member who occasionally brings my vehicle to UWA, how can I obtain a parking permit?

Answer ID 611 | Last updated on 15/11/2022 08.11 AM

If you are eligible for a parking permit, you may purchase a book of 10 One Day parking permits. Contact the Unipark Office on 6488 1229 or 6488 7184 to find out the current cost. You can also check the Parking Fee Schedule online.

One day permits can only be purchased online.

One day permits may be used in Red staff permit areas only and must be displayed face upwards on the dashboard of the vehicle. In order for the permit to be valid, the DATE on which the permit is to be used must be completed in ink on a One Day parking permit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These permits are year specific. They will expire at the end of the year printed on the permit or unless authorised by Unipark. No refunds will be given for unused permits.

There is a restriction of purchasing only 2 books (20 permits) per month.

If you are not eligible for a parking permit you may park in the Long Term or Short Term Pay and Display areas. Remember to purchase and display the ticket from the vending machine. At the end of the time limit on the signage, the vehicle must be moved from the carpark.

Ticket machines will only accept Visa or MasterCard payments.

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