How to arrange a parking permit for a visiting lecturer or guest

How do I arrange a parking permit for a visiting lecturer or guest?

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Official Business Permits (OBP) are available from School or Sub Unit admin staff for visiting lecturers and guests. They should be issued in advance by mail to visiting lecturers and guests where possible, and are valid for one day only. So that visiting lecturers or guests of the University do not receive a parking infringement, it is the responsibility of the School or Sub Unit to inform them of the parking regulations and where to park their vehicles.

Parking space on campus is limited and the possession of an OBP does not guarantee that a bay will be available. The OBP only entitles the holder to search for a vacant Staff Red bay. An OBP may not be used in Student, Maintenance, Loading, Disabled, Reserved or Staff Car Pooling bays. If all staff Red bays are full the only option left for the OBP holder is to park in any Long or Short Term Pay and Display Parking area. Remember to comply with the time restrictions on the sign.

The School or Sub Unit may obtain Official Business Permits in batches (10 permits) only from Unipark. To find out the current costs, contact the Unipark office on 6488 1229 or 6488 7184 or visit Unipark Fee Schedules online.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These permits are year specific. They will expire at the end of the year printed on the permit or unless authorised by Unipark.  No refunds will be given for unused permits.

The date of use must be marked in ink onto the permit. The OBP should be displayed on the dash of vehicle so that the details can be seen from the outside of the vehicle. An infringement will be issued if the permit has been altered, is out of date or is not clearly visible.

A record sheet is provided by Unipark to Schools or Sub Units to record the details of Official Business Permits which have been issued. The School or Sub Unit is accountable for all permits.


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