Copying for teaching purposes

How much can I copy for teaching purposes?


You can copy a certain amount of print and graphic works without seeking permission under the educational Statutory License. Please note these limits apply to each unit (not lecturer), and additional requirements apply  if you wish to share the copied material online with your students.

  • Books and Literature - 10% of pages or one chapter, whichever is greater.
  • Anthologies - an entire individual work as long as it is less than 15 pages.
  • Dramatic works (i.e. a written play or screenplay) - up to 10% of the pages.
  • Sheet music - 10% of a written musical work (often counted as 10% of the bars).
  • Journal/newspaper articles - one article per issue or more if on the same topic.
  • Online/digital sources - before copying material from any online source, check the site for a statement which defines how material on the site may be used. You should abide by this statement as with any “licence”. If the site contains no permitted use statement or only contains a basic copyright statement then the  educational Statutory License allowances described here apply.
  • Images/photos and other artistic works from a print source - an entire work under the following conditions:
    • if it accompanies or explains the text being copied;
    • if you wish to copy only the artistic work and exclude the text, you can do so providing the artistic work has not been published separately;
    • if the work has been published separately but can't be obtained for an ordinary commercial price within a reasonable timeframe.

Additionally, some images and works are covered by Creative Commons licences and can be reused without permission providing the terms of the licence are followed.

See the Copyright for Teaching guide for more information.

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