Copied material you can communicate to students as a UWA teaching staff member

What copied material can I communicate to students if I am a UWA teaching staff member?

Generally, you can make material you have copied under the educational Statutory License available to students for teaching and learning purposes, providing you have adhered to the copying limits of the licence and providing the following requirements are met:

  • Only one part from a work can be available online across the whole University. Even though you are allowed to make a copy of the work you may not publish it online if another part from the same work is already online.
  • All material copied for student learning and placed online or distributed via other electronic means (e.g. email) must have a specific warning notice attached to it.
  • Material online must only be made available to valid UWA staff members and students.
Unit Readings provides online access to essential course materials such as online journal articles, ebooks and digitised extracts from printed books and journals, as well as details of items held in High Demand Collections in the libraries. Unit Readings manages copyright for all included items. See the Unit Readings website for more information.
For more information on communicating copied material for teaching and learning, see the Copyright for Teaching guide and the University Library copyright website.
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