What you can and can't bring into an exam

What can and can't be brought into an exam?

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All Examinations
You must take your UWA Student Campus Card or a valid government ID such as a driver's license or passport to all examinations and place it on your desk, including for online exams, and:
  • Your mobile phone must be switched off prior to entering an examination venue. It should be placed face up underneath your chair at all times.
  • Personal belongings including your bag may be taken into all venues. It must be stored underneath your chair. 
For on campus exams, do not leave your bag/valuables etc. outside examination venues. These items are your responsibility and the University does not take responsibility for any losses.
Check the Allowable item(s) before the current exam period. This report will be published 2 weeks before your exams, and outlines all approved materials for your exam relative to the format (e.g. open book), including whether use of an approved calculator is permitted.
You CAN take into Examinations:
  • Transparent pencil cases or bag - should only contain writing implements required to complete an exam.
  • Mobile phones may be taken into the exam venue but must be switched off prior to entrance and left in your bag or face up underneath your desk.
  • Bottled water only -  in a transparent bottle. Labels to be removed prior to entering the exam venue.
At the beginning of each examination you will be warned about unauthorised materials and given the opportunity to surrender materials in your possession without penalty.
You CANNOT take into Examinations:
  • Non-transparent pencil cases
  • Calculator cases
  • Caps, hats, wallets, headphones, ear buds/ plugs
  • Diaries
  • Personal organisers
  • Laptop computers (unless you are sitting an online exam)
  • Audio equipment, eg: microphone (unless you are sitting an online exam)
  • Smart watches or digital watches
  • iPods or MP3/4 players 
  • Any electronic item with an INTERNET CONNECTION, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION/ STORAGE DEVICE OR DIGITAL FACILITY (with the exception of a computer if you're sitting an online exam)
You CANNOT take into Examinations unless stated on the allowable items:
  • Calculators - approved models only with 'UWA approved stickers'. For online examinations, you must have a calculator from the approved list, however it does NOT need an approved sticker. 
  • Loose papers, including blank scrap paper for notes (for online exams)
  • Textbooks or course notes 
  • Dictionaries
Open Book Examinations
Any printed or written material is permitted unless specified as not permitted. Where a text is allowed, a photocopied or printed e-book of that same textbook is permitted unless it states on the allowable items list that only hard copies of the text are permitted. Notes, annotations etc. are allowed in the book(s) being brought into the exam unless it states on the allowable items list that this is not allowed.

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