Arts majors explained

What is an Arts major?

A major consists of a structured sequence of at least eight units (48 credit points) in a particular discipline or field of study, and is acknowledged on the Bachelor award upon graduation. Students are required to complete at least one major in their Bachelor degree.

Students can complete two majors in the Bachelor of Arts (BP001), known as:

Some degree-specific majors require students to complete compulsory complementary units in addition to the eight units of the major.

Example: a student might complete a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a 'degree-specific major' in Communication and Media Studies and a 'second major' in Marketing.

For pre-2012 students in the Bachelor of Arts (10110) and related courses, please refer to the Pre-2012 majors. 

For graduate-entry Diploma in Arts (DU001) students, please refer to Second Major sequences (Arts only).

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