Number of level 3 units needed to study Arts

How many Level 3 units do I need to study in Arts?

All Bachelor of Arts (BP001) majors require students to complete Level 3 units. The number of Level 3 units could be either three or four depending on the structure of each major.

All Undergraduate Pass Degrees at UWA, including the Bachelor of Arts, require that students pass at least four Level 3 units over the course of their studies. This means that, should you be undertaking a single major that requires you to complete three level 3 units, you will need to pass an additional level 3 unit in order to receive your degree.

For Pre-2012 Courses Students
The following Pre-2012 Arts majors require Level 3 units:

  • All Languages
  • Geography
  • Linguistics
  • Music
  • Psychology
  • Environmental Studies (only available in Albany)

Note: Prior to 2012, many majors in Arts only offered Level 1 and Level 2 units. Pre-2012 students still currently enrolled at UWA are strongly encouraged to include some Level 3 units in their degree if they can, particularly in their major areas, in order to be competitive in applications for honours and postgraduate courses.

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