Taking non-Arts units within a pre-2012 Bachelor of Arts course

Can I take units outside the Bachelor of Arts options list if I am enrolled in a Pre-2012 course?

This answer is relevant to pre-2012 students enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts (10110) or other related pre-2012 Arts courses.

If you attempt to enrol in non-Arts units (units from other courses in the University or from other Schools) they will appear as INVALID on studentConnect.

To have your enrolment in those units validated you will need to apply for permission by submitting a Special Approval form to the Arts and Law Student Office.

The limitations on the number of non-Arts units are as follows:

  • Up to 24 points at Level 1 and;
  • Up to 24 points at Level 2/3

For further information please contact the Arts and Law Student Office.

For the list of pre-2012 Bachelor of Arts approved options, refer to Table 3.2.2a.

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