Career outcomes for Arts graduates

What jobs can I get with an Arts degree?

Studying an Arts degree will allow you to develop skills that are highly sought after by employers such as clear written and oral communication skills, critical and analytical thinking, creative decision making skills, logical reasoning, and independent, resourceful and reflective problem-solving abilities.

Arts courses include opportunities to travel overseas to broaden your studies, experience and cultural competence. You can also enrol in Work Integrated Learning or internship to gain valuable workplace experience. The knowledge and skills you acquire, whichever degree you choose, will equip you for success in your future life and career.

Many of our alumni have achieved esteemed careers in politics and foreign affairs and amongst our graduates we have a prime minister, several premiers and a number of ambassadors. It is reassuring to see how many Arts graduates have reached the pinnacle of their companies and work as managing directors and chief executive officers. Others have taken advantage of the WA resources industry and work as archaeologists, anthropologists, heritage officers, historians and communications officers with mining and associated companies. Graduates are also employed in the media, public service, education and non-for-profit organisations.

Explore the many careers available to graduates on the Future Students and the Careers Centre website.

You can also visit current news stories from Arts and culture to get an idea of what we're up to.

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