Altering your study load

Can I increase or reduce my study load?

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In UWA courses a standard full-time enrolment is 24 credit points (4 units) per semester, or 48 credit points (8 units) per academic year.

International students need to maintain a standard full-time study load per semester to satisfy student visa requirements. If you are an international student and need to take leave or reduce your study load, please contact the International Student Support team for advice.

Australian and other domestic students can choose to enrol part-time or full-time. In studentConnect your student status is determined by the number of credit points enrolled in over an academic year.

For Australian domestic students:

  • 24 points / 4 units per semester  =   standard full-time (100% study load)
  • 18 points / 3 units per semester  =   full-time (75% study load)
  • 12 points / 2 units per semester  =   part-time (50% study load)
  •   6 points / 1 unit per semester   =   part-time (25% study load)

A reduced study load could mean that a course will take longer to complete. Courses need to be completed within course time limits. For example, a Bachelor of Arts (BP001) which is typically completed in 3 years via standard full-time enrolment, has a course time limit of 10 years.

A reduced study load may affect Student Income Support entitlements such as Youth Allowance, Austudy, and Abstudy.

At certain times during the semester: withdrawing from units will incur an academic penalty and/or financial liability. Consult UWA important dates, or contact your Advising Student Office for information.

Overloading is only permitted in limited circumstances. Students can apply to overload by submitting an online Special Approval form.

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