Deferring studies in your first year as an Arts student

I've been offered a place in an Arts degree as a first year student, can I defer for a year?

Deferral is an authorised 'gap year' between being offered a place at UWA and commencing studies in the offered course. In Arts, this is relevant to undergraduate domestic students commencing the Bachelor of Arts (BP001):

  • New students can choose to defer studies at the time of accepting their offer through TISC.

Where new students have already taken up their place at UWA:

  • Students who withdraw or become discontinued / lapsed can apply for re-admission at a later date.
  • Students who have completed at least 6 points of their course can apply for Approved Leave.
  • Generally, students who have not completed at least 6 points in their course cannot apply for Approved Leave. Instead these students need to withdraw from their course and re-apply for the same course during future intake periods.

Where deferral is not an option (ie. audition-entry Specialist Music Studies, or postgraduate Music Practitioner Studies programs) students may 'decline' their offer or 'withdraw' from their course. Students are welcome to re-apply for the same course during future intake periods.

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