Choosing units for your Arts Major

What units can I take in my chosen Arts major?

The units offered for each Bachelor of Arts (BP001) major can be found online in the UWA Handbooks. For each major, you can use the 'Expand All' button to see the list of units in their structured sequence.

Generally, for a degree-specific major, students need to complete eight units as well as compulsory complementary unit(s). For a second major, students generally need to complete only eight units.

Units within majors are classified into three levels (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3). Students start off completing Level 1 units before progressing onto Level 2 and then Level 3 units.

The following types of units are available within a major:

  • Core units are the compulsory units in your major;
  • Option units are the units you can choose from a list of alternatives;
  • Complementary units (only applicable to degree-specific majors): These are compulsory units and provide important additional knowledge and expertise in particular areas or allow you to fill gaps in your knowledge that will be required to successfully complete the major.

For pre-2012 students in the Bachelor of Arts (10110) and other related Arts courses, see:

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