Single unit enrolment (not for degree studies)

Can I enrol to study just a single unit (subject) at UWA without doing a degree?

Answer ID 827 | Last updated on 03/02/2023 09.11 AM

With AccessUWA you can study the individual units of your choice at UWA without having to enrol in a degree course.
AccessUWA provides two options for continuing professional development:
  • Assessed (Continuing Education): You study units at UWA just as if you were studying a degree – you attend lectures, tutorials, seminars and laboratory sessions, have full access to UWA libraries and all online resources, and undertake assessments throughout the semester and participate in final examinations.
  • Non-assessed (Audit): This stream allows you to attend lectures in person without participating in tutorials, assignments or examinations. Non-assessed students do not have access to online lectures, online resources, including Course Materials Online (CMO); however, you are eligible to apply for community membership at the UWA Library. This membership provides limited access to some library resources.

For more information including eligibility and how to apply, visit the AccessUWA website.

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