Difference between student exchange and study abroad for incoming students

What is the difference between study abroad and student exchange for incoming students?

The Study Abroad Program involves paying tuition fees to The University of Western Australia and studying for a period of one or two semesters at the undergraduate (Bachelors) or postgraduate level (Masters and PhD).

Fees for 2020 will be AUD$27,900 per year or AUD$13,950 per semester. Fees are based on a standard enrolment of 24 credit points per semester. Undertaking additional credit will incur additional fees on a pro rata basis.

The Student Exchange Program involves students exchanging places. One student would come to study at UWA and a UWA student would study at your university. You remain enrolled at your home university and continue to pay your tuition fees there. As an exchange student you pay no tuition fees to The University of Western Australia.

To study through the Student Exchange Program, a formal Student Exchange Agreement must be in place between your university and UWA and you must be nominated by your university. Check the list of UWA exchange partner universities to find out if your University has a formal Student Exchange Agreement with UWA. 

If there are no more exchange places available or your university does not have a Student Exchange Agreement with UWA, you can still study for one or two semesters at UWA through the Study Abroad Program.

You can also participate in the Study Abroad Program if you have graduated from high school but not yet enrolled at a University and have successfully completed a UWA recognised high school matriculation program.

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