Airport pickup and temporary accommodation for Australia Awards Scholarship students

I have an Australia Awards Scholarship. Will I be picked up at the airport and have temporary accommodation organised when I arrive in Perth?

Prior to your arrival in Perth, the International Sponsored Students Unit (ISSU) will contact you to confirm your requirements for Airport Pickup. This information should be provided at least three weeks prior to departure.

If you request Airport Pickup, a driver will meet you at the Perth Airport (International and Domestic) and will transport you to your accommodation near the university. The Airport Pickup Service is available 24 hours a day / seven days a week. Further information about this service is provided in your Pre-departure pack. There is no charge for this student pickup service.

It is important to let the Student Contact Officer know if you have family members travelling with you and if they also require an Airport Pickup.
Note: this service is only available to students on their first arrival in Perth to commence their course.

Temporary accommodation for Australia Awards awardees is usually arranged by our office at a Student Residential College which is located across the road from the Crawley Campus. You will be able to walk to our office, located at Student Central on the Crawley Campus. Information will be provided to you about temporary accommodation in your UWA Pre-departure email.

If you have arranged your own temporary accommodation, which is quite some distance from the Crawley Campus or Perth City, it may be necessary for you to arrange your own airport pickup. The Student Contact Officer will advise you if this is necessary. Before organising your own temporary accommodation, ensure you are aware of the location and its distance from the UWA Crawley Campus.

If you did not arrange an airport pickup, taxis are available at the airport. The cost of a taxi to Perth City (near the campus) is approximately AUD66.

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