Best time to bring your family to Australia if you are an Australia Awards Scholarship student

Can I bring my family with me if I'm an Australia Awards Scholarship student?

The University of Western Australia recommends that your dependants do not join you in Australia until at least three to four months after you have arrived and completed the Introductory Academic Program. Students may find it best to wait until they have completed their first semester of study. 

This will allow you sufficient time to settle into your new environment and to ensure you are prepared and focused for your study. 

Before bringing your family, make sure that you have considered the costs involved - accommodation, child care, Overseas Student Health Cover, cost of visa medical examinations etc. 

Your scholarship does not provide any additional money to assist you to have your family members accompany you in Perth.  

If you are already in Perth and you wish to make plans for your family members to join you, please contact the International Sponsored Students Unit (ISSU) in Student Central. It is important you have made suitable accommodation arrangements for your family to join you and you are aware of the additional costs involved.

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