Length of application process for postgraduate international students

As an international student how long will my postgraduate application take to process?
Normal processing times, based on the submission of complete applications with all of the required documentation attached, are as follows:
  • Applications for postgraduate coursework degrees: from 2-4 weeks. The following exceptions apply - applications to:
    • BH002 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (Economics)
    • BH002 Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (Finance)
    • 12270 Graduate Certificate in Fieldwork Practice
    • BH001 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Psychology)
    • BH004 Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Psychology)
    • 53370 Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology
    • 53390 Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology
    • 53580 Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology
    • 70230 Graduate Certificate in Autism Diagnosis
    • 73260 Graduate Certificate in the Diagnosis and Assessment of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)
    • 73520 Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology
    • 73550 Master of Business Psychology
    • 90540 Master of Clinical Audiology
    • 11550 Master of Social Work
    • 51500 Master of Pharmacy
    • 90830 Doctor of Podiatric Surgery
    • 90840 Doctor of Clinical Dentistry
    • 90850 Doctor of Medicine
    • 90860 Doctor Dental Medicine
    • 90870 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
    • 92510 Master of Clinical Pathology

These applications are held and ranked separately by the Faculty as part of a competitive process. The outcome of these applications will be advised at a later date.
  • Applications for postgraduate research degrees: from 6-8 weeks.
Incomplete applications will take considerably longer to process.

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