Details about the school your children will attend prior to arrival in Perth for international postgraduate students

I am an international postgraduate student with dependant school-age children. Can I have details regarding the school my children will attend prior to my arrival in Perth?

It is not possible to receive details of the school your dependant child will attend prior to your family's arrival in Perth. The University can only organise schooling when your child has arrived in Western Australia. Once your dependant is in Western Australia, you should complete the Request for School Placement of Dependant Child/Children Form and submit it to the International Sponsored Students Unit who will submit it to TAFE International Western Australia to process.

Placements for compulsory schooling will receive priority. Kindergarten placements will only be processed when requests for compulsory schooling have been completed (Kindergarten is NOT compulsory).

Students will ideally be placed in a school as close as possible to their local address. However due to a high demand for places in Western Australian public schools, the available school may be some distance from the family’s place of residence and may not be near the university. This may require the student to undertake travel on public transport in order to attend school. A change of school will only be considered in exceptional circumstances. Should the need arise, the process, as outlined above, must again be followed.

Students in receipt of a full scholarship for tertiary studies awarded by the Commonwealth of Australia or The University of Western Australia have different conditions. The dependant children of these students are eligible for the same enrolment entitlement as local children for the duration of their parent's study period only.

Any queries regarding schooling can be directed to the International Sponsored Students Unit in Student Central.

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