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  1. Finding out if you have passed ACE Updated You need to achieve at least 80% on the final quiz to pass ACE.    You can check whether you have passed ACE by selecting My Grade from the left-hand menu of the ACE homepage in LMS . You... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  2. Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) explained Updated Academic Conduct Essentials (ACE) is an online compulsory unit which all students are automatically enrolled in. ACE introduces you to principles of ethical scholarship and expectations for... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  3. Who has to do ACE Updated All UWA students are required to complete  ACE (Academic Conduct Essentials) and you will be automatically enrolled in the unit. This also applies if you are a student studying either... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  4. Finding ACE in your LMS Updated Firstly, check whether you are enrolled in ACE by going to studentConnect and looking at your current enrolment statement. If ACE doesn't appear on your enrolment, you may not be required to do the... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  5. ACE completion date Updated You can check your due date on the ACE website or by referring to the email sent to you about ACE when you enrolled. You will need to know which ACE teaching period you are enrolled in to find out... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  6. ACE quiz score doesn't appear on academic record Updated ACE is an ungraded unit, which means the only recording is if you successfully passed or not. You will receive either an 'Ungraded Pass' (UP) or a 'Not Complete' (NC) in the Grade column, but no... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  7. Accessing ACE Updated You can access ACE via the  LMS  using your Pheme credentials to logon. ACE is compulsory for all UWA students and all those who are eligible are automatically enrolled. Only those... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  8. ACE not completed by the due date Updated If you do not successfully complete ACE you will be automatically re-enrolled for the next teaching period, however, your enrolment may become probationary if you have not completed ACE within the... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  9. ACE not showing as complete in studentConnect Updated ACE grades are uploaded at the end of the teaching period, appearing in  studentConnect approximately 3 weeks after ACE closes. Grades will not appear on academic transcripts before this time... Date Updated: 10/02/2020
  10. ACE requirements if you have already completed other courses at UWA Updated You have been enrolled in ACE because you have started a new course. It doesn't matter if you have studied at UWA before or not, as soon as you enrol in a different or new course, and you haven't... Date Updated: 10/02/2020