Accessing UWA email address after graduation

How long will my email address be valid for after I have graduated?

Unless there are special circumstances, you will be unable to access your UWA student mailbox, other services in Office 365 and other UWA apps after 12 months from when you completed your course. Access to your UWA Student mailbox cannot be restored after this date. 

Note: this is not the day you pass your exams, or your graduation day, but the day where your course status is recorded as completed. This also applies after 28 days, if you discontinue your course or the course is cancelled, unless you enrol in a new course in that time.

In the last month of access you will receive notifications of your access expiring which will be sent to your UWA email address.

Keeping a copy of your email and files:

  • For email, the only supported method is to export your mailbox to a PST file, that can be opened by a PC or Mac version of Outlook software (part of Office 365 Pro Plus or Office 365 Home subscriptions or a copy of Office Pro Plus such as Outlook 2016 or 2019).  The best way to achieve this is to follow this article. You will need to organise this before your access expires.
  • For your files in Student Drive (OneDrive), you can simply access OneDrive, login with your Uni-ID and choose to download folders that you wish to keep to your PC or Mac. This article provides more information. When Student Teams and SharePoint (Sites) are made available, you will use the same approach.

For your files, download (or Sync) your files down to your PC or Mac before your access expires.

Notifying your contacts:

You may wish to notify your contacts that you will no longer be contactable on your UWA email address before your access expires. Consider either:

  • composing an email to your contacts letting them know of an alternative email address
  • setting up an 'Out of office' response with your new contact details – instructions on doing this are available

Note: the out-of-office response will cease working once your access expires.


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