Accessing UWA email address after graduation

How long will my email address be valid for after I have graduated?

Unless there are special circumstances, you will not be able to access your mailbox after 12 months from when you completed your course. 
Note: this is not the day you pass your exams, or your graduation day, but the day where your course status is recorded as completed. This means you will not be able to access your UWA student email account or collaboration tools after this time and access cannot be restored. 

In the last month of access you will receive notifications of your access expiring which will be sent to your UWA email address. 

Keeping a copy of your email

If you wish to keep a copy of your email you will need to organise this prior to your access expiring. There are two common methods to save a copy:

  1. Using the 'Download your data' functionality in web mail, more information is available here.
  2. Setting up a email client (e.g. Outlook), using the online guides.

Notifying your contacts

You may wish to notify your contacts that you will no longer be contactable on your UWA email address prior to your access expiring. Below are some suggested steps to take to do this:

  • Compose an email to your contacts letting them know of an alternative email address.
  • Set up an 'Out of office' response with your new contact details. Instructions are available here.
Note: this response will cease once your access expires.
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