Sending your Statement of Academic Record to a third party

Can I have my Statement of Academic Record sent to another institution or third party?

Answer ID 103 | Last updated on 17/11/2022 01.03 PM

There are several options for sharing your Statement of Academic Record (transcipt) with a third party.

Sending a digital document:
Once your order for a digital Statement of Academic Record has been processed, you'll be able to view and share it through your My eQuals account.

You can share your document as many times as you like, and it’s as easy as generating a link to send as part of your application or downloading the document as a PDF to attach to an application. When you share your document, the email the third party receives is from a secure My eQuals UWA email address, so is coming from UWA at your request. More information on sharing documents is available on the My eQuals FAQs and help section.

Sending a paper document:
When you place an order in studentConnect (or for past students through the online portal) you can request that we post your academic documents to another institution or third party by providing their delivery details.

Simply select the relevant postage option and provide the address, a contact person, and any reference number you've been instructed to use in the 'Special delivery instructions' box. 
Your academic documents will be sent in a sealed envelope on your behalf.

You can see examples of documents and delivery options on our current student website.

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