Costs for your course

How much will my fees be?

Answer ID 115 | Last updated on 29/10/2021 08.26 AM

Domestic Students
Your fees will depend on:

  • The course in which you are enrolled
  • The units that you study, and
  • Whether you are a Commonwealth Supported student or a full Fee Paying student.

Information on UWA's undergraduate and postgraduate course costs can be found by using the Fees Calculator.

Every unit at UWA has been allocated to a fee band and has an associated study load. Unit fees are calculated using this information, along with the unit classification (undergraduate or postgraduate), and whether you are an Australian Commonwealth Supported or Full Fee Paying student, international student, or taking the unit through AccessUWA (assessed or non-assessed). 

International Students
If you are an international student studying in Australia, course costs can be found by using the Fees Calculator.

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