Deferring your studies at UWA

How do I defer my studies?

Answer ID 1255 | Last updated on 31/10/2022 01.58 PM

You need to apply for Approved Leave to take a semester or more off from your studies. You can apply for up to 12 months of Approved Leave at a time online via studentConnect.

To apply for Approved Leave:

  • Logon to studentConnect using your UWA Student ID Number and Pheme password
  • In the left hand menu under 'COURSE DETAILS' select 'Discontinuation/Approved Leave' and follow the prompts

For further information on Approved Leave (including eligibility and application deadlines) see 'How to take time off' at the Enrolment website.

For advice on how Approved Leave may affect your course progress and enrolment contact your Student Advising Office or Email Us.


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