The importance of checking your unit(s) enrolment

Why is checking my enrolment so important?

Answer ID 135 | Last updated on 01/11/2022 08.44 AM

Checking your enrolment is important and can be easily done on studentConnect.

  • Log on to studentConnect
  • Go to the COURSE DETAILS menu
  • Select 'Course & units details' then 'Units' or use the 'Statement of Enrolment' option.
To make changes to your enrolment:
  • Go to the COURSE DETAILS menu
  • Select 'Online Enrolment'
  • Click 'Begin online enrolment'
  • Click on the 'Units' icon
  • Add or discontinue units
Note: In accordance with current HESA Legislation (Higher Education Support Act (2003)) and UWA regulations, you are charged for each credit point in which you are enrolled so it is very important to ensure your enrolment is correct.
If you are uncertain whether you have successfully made the changes to your enrolment, log out of studentConnect, login again and check if you can see the changes. If you are still concerned about your enrolment Email Us.

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