Adding units to your enrolment

How do I add a unit to my enrolment?

You can enrol in units online via studentConnect up to the end of week 1 of each semester.

Note: Non-standard teaching periods also have their own teaching period dates. Please check the important dates for your enrolled teaching periods.

How to add a unit:

  1. Log on to studentConnect
  2. Under the 'COURSE DETAILS' menu select 'Online Enrolment'
  3. Click 'Begin online enrolment'
  4. Select 'Units' from the navigation icons on the right hand side
  5. Type your unit title or unit code into the relevant box. 
  6. Click 'Search'
  7. Select the unit and semester in which you wish to study
  8. Repeat this process for each unit you wish to add

Check your enrolment by selecting 'Statement of Enrolment' or 'Course & unit details' under your 'COURSE DETAILS' menu options. You will have the option of viewing a PDF Statement of Enrolment.

The Class Allocation System (CAS) and Learning Management System (LMS) should automatically sync with any changes you make on studentConnect within 24 hours of enrolling via studentConnect.

Can't add units? There are a few reasons why you may not be able to add units via studentConnect:

Not re-enrolled

You can only make changes to your enrolment online if you have successfully re-enrolled for the current academic year by the deadline. You will see a message on studentConnect if you have missed the deadline and you will need to pay a late fee.

Last date to add a unit has passed
You can only add units online up until the 'last date to add a unit' for the teaching period. In exceptional circumstances and only with Special Approval from your Student Advising Office you may be permitted to add a unit after the closing date. If approval is granted, you will need to enrol via a Change of Enrolment form (available from your Student Advising Office in person or via Email Us.

  1. Ask your unit coordinator to sign the Special Approval form and submit it to your Student Advising Office
  2. Your Student Office will ask you to complete a Change of Enrolment form
  3. A late unit addition fee of $50 will be added as an encumbrance to your record. Pay this in person at Student Central or over the phone by credit card.

Please refer to our website for further information on how to change your enrolment, including adding a unit late.

Cross-institutional, Exchange and Study Abroad students
Cross-institutional, Study Abroad and Student Exchange students can't make changes to their UWA enrolment online (this includes units with the prefix: ENRL or EXCH). You will need to change your enrolment manually via a Change of Enrolment form (available from your Student Advising Office in person or via Email Us

Unit not available for online enrolment
Some units may not be available for online enrolment due to quota/venue restrictions or other reasons. Contact your Student Advising Office for advice on whether your unit is available for online enrolment. You may be able to enrol in the unit manually via a Change of Enrolment form (available from your Student Advising Office in person or via Email Us.

If none of the above reasons apply, please contact us via Email Us and we will investigate for you.

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