Downloading lectures in LCS (Lecture Capture System)

How do I download my lectures?

Many units use UWA's Lecture Capture System (LCS). If LCS is being used, you can access the recordings through a link on the LMS via the box 'Lecture Recordings', also called LCS (Lecture Capture System). You will need to login in with your Pheme credentials first.

Each unit coordinator can decide where to post the LCS link in LMS. For example, they typically place it in the left-hand navigation menu for the unit, or they might include it in another content folder. If your unit is using LCS but you can't find the link, ask your tutor or unit coordinator for help.  

To download a recording, on the ECHO360 page, use the Download link for a lecture.  This can be found by selecting the green button on the right of recording and selecting Download original.

In LCS the default setting for captured lectures is for them to be available as streaming and downloadable lectures. If lectures are not downloadable, you will need to contact your Unit Coordinator of your unit.

For student IT Support contact the University Library or Email Us to submit an enquiry.

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