How to find out if you have passed CARS

How do I know if I have passed CARS?

Answer ID 1458 | Last updated on 09/09/2022 03.06 PM

To successfully complete CARS you need to achieve a score of 80% or more across the four quizzes.  You can check whether you have passed CARS by selecting 'Your Grades' from the left-hand menu of the CARS homepage in the LMS. You will see a grade of UP (Ungraded Pass) if you have successfully passed the unit, or a grade of NC (Not Complete) if you have not successfully completed the unit.

If your highest score is less than 80% you can go back to the quizzes and try again as many times as you like until the unit's completion date.

Check your LMS for the required completion date of the ACE unit you are enrolled in.

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