Differences in your tuition fees between semesters

Why are my tuition fees for this semester different to last semester?

Answer ID 152 | Last updated on 04/11/2022 02.24 PM

Your tuition fees may change for a number of reasons including:

  • Enrolment in more/less units this semester;
  • Unit(s) falling under a different fee band to those you have previously studied. (Units in different fee bands have different costs);
  • Unit(s) are worth a different number of credit points (most units are worth 6 credit points, but some are worth 12 credit points or other credit point amounts);
  • You have transferred to a new course with different fees;
  • Your previous enrolment was in a prior academic year (fees are subject to annual review each academic year and may increase).
For more information on your course fees and to price your units, refer to the UWA Fee Calculator

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