Cannot connect to Unifi

Why can't I connect to Unifi?

If you are having difficulty connecting to Unifi, please check the following:

  • Your Pheme account is active - passwords expire and need to be updated every 6 months.
  • You are only trying to connect a maximum of three devices at any one time to Unifi. If you have recently disconnected a device, you may need to allow up to 15 minutes before the new one will connect.
  • You are using your student number and Pheme password to log on.
  • You have a current Pheme password saved on your device. Passwords are not automatically updated on all your devices if you change your password, you must update the password for each one you use. If you have saved an earlier Pheme password to your device, it will not connect and it will lock your Pheme account.
  • Your device is not trying to connect to a different wireless network, such as Eduroam or UnifiGuest.
  • Wireless access is turned on for your device.

If all the above is correct and you are still having difficulty connecting to Unifi, contact the University Library for advice.

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