Computer facilities in libraries

What is the computer availability in libraries?

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Computers are available to all UWA Students, Staff and Visitors in any of our libraries.  Real-time computer availability in libraries and general computer labs is visible via the Find A PC website. Using this useful resource you can check if a computer is available prior to commuting to a library or computer lab, saving you time and possible frustration.

Visit the IT and printing support web page for information such as installed software on computers and our opening hours for building access.

 Location  Available Computers
Education, Fine Arts and Architecture Library (EDFAA) 38
Beasley Law Library 20 - Ground floor
28 - First floor
J Robin Warren Library 15 - Ground floor
20 - First floor
Reid Library

29 - Ground floor
102 - First floor
11 - Second floor (Postgraduate area)
26 - Third floor

Barry J. Marshall Library

56 - Ground floor
73 - First floor
102 - Second floor
10 - Third floor (Postgraduate area)

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