Student network storage explained

What is student network storage?

Student Network Storage is a legacy file storage provided on the central UWA network to support older applications and services that need a physical location for files and folders. It may also be used by some university computers (including Library computers) for default storage and some course content.

Student Drive is recommended for your personal work-related storage and collaboration with others. This cloud-based service uses OneDrive as part of the Microsoft Office 365 service provided to all current students and accessed using your Uni-ID login ( and password). This has an initial 1TB available storage for you to use on your personal devices from the cloud and share content with others. Instructions are available for switching from H: Drive to OneDrive.

If you need to use the Student Network Storage, you can access your Student Network storage in two ways:

  1. Via the H: Drive on student computers subject libraries and general purpose computer labs. When you save to 'My Documents' your work will be saved to the H: Drive. Ensure you save your work in 'My Documents' as work saved to the desktop or in the temporary download folder (typically used by browsers when opening email attachments) will be erased when you log out of the PC.
  2. Through UniDrive access via your own computer/device.
You have access to two different areas within your network storage:
  • H: Drive - this is your personal home drive, which can hold up to 2 gigabytes (2GB) of data.
  • T: Drive - this is a shared space which will automatically give you access to course related content for the units you are enrolled in.  Work saved to this location will be cleared every 30 days.  As such it is not recommended that you save work in this location and opt to use other tools such as Microsoft Teams when collaborating and sharing with others.
More information
More information is available on the Student email and collaboration tools web page.
Contact the University Library for help or Email Us to submit an enquiry.

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