Clashes in CAS

What do I do if I have clashes in CAS?

If you have a clash after your class preferences have been processed, a red icon will appear next to the activity where a clash has occurred. Selecting the activity will display a clash button which can be selected and a message will appear providing information on which classes clash.

There are two types of clashes in CAS:

1. A Fixable Clash
This is where another class time is available for you to attend for at least one of your classes. To fix this, log in to CAS and adjust your allocations. You can edit your allocations up until approximately 2 weeks into semester, check the CAS website for specific dates.

2. An Unfixable Clash
This is where you have a clash with no other options to choose from. Either all the other class times are full, or there isn't another choice at all. If two lectures clash, you can contact any member of the First Year Experience Team at UniStart for advice. If a lecture clashes with another type of class, such as a studio, tutorial, or workshop (or if two of these clash), you can contact your Student Advising Office. Contact details for your Student Advising Office can be found in studentConnect when you log in. There are also links to the school contacts on the Current Students web page.

More information is available at: Getting help with your timetable and class allocations.

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