Course attempt status explained

What is meant by my course attempt status?

Your course attempt status refers to your enrolment status in your course. Your course attempt will show as one of the following:

Your enrolment will show as INACTIVE if:

  • You are enrolled in this course, have completed all your current units (i.e. have received marks/grades for them) and the teaching period for your enrolled units has not yet startedIt is normal for your status to change from ENROLLED to INACTIVE during a semester break, and then change back to ENROLLED when your next semester commences. For new students enrolling for the first time, your status will remain INACTIVE until classes commence.
  • You have not yet enrolled in any units for future teaching periods (semester). 
  • You have recently been made an offer for a course but have not yet enrolled in any units. Once you enrol in units, and the teaching period for those units has commenced, then your status will automatically change to ENROLLED.

You are enrolled in your course, have one or more enrolled units and the teaching period for the units has commenced.

You have not yet accepted your offer of admission to your course AND/OR you have not yet confirmed your enrolment in the course. You cannot enrol in units until you have confirmed your enrolment in your course.

You are on an Approved Leave of absence (intermission) from your course.

You have voluntarily withdrawn from this course OR The University of Western Australia has withdrawn you due to lapsed enrolment or academic progression outcomes OR The University of Western Australia has discontinued the course (i.e. no longer offering the course).

You have satisfied all the requirements for your course and so your course is now complete.

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