Course attempt status explained

What is meant by my course attempt status?

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Your 'course attempt status' refers to your enrolment status in your course. Your course attempt will show as one of the following:


  • You have not yet enrolled in any units in your course; or
  • You have attempted to enrol in units but they have an 'Invalid' status; or
  • You have enrolled in units but the teaching period has not yet commenced. .   Once you enrol in units, and the teaching period for those units has commenced, your status will automatically change to ENROLLED.

You are enrolled in units in your course and the teaching period for the units has commenced.


  • You have an application for your course, and
  • You have not received an offer; or
  • You have not formally accepted your offer. You cannot enrol in units until you have accepted your offer. If you need assistance Email Us.


  • You are currently on a period of Approved Leave (intermission) from your course.


  • You have voluntarily withdrawn from your course; or
  • You have been discontinued by the University due to lapsed enrolment, poor academic progress or the course is no longer offered.


  • You have satisfied all the requirements of your course. You are not permitted to enrol in any further units in your course, once you have completed.
If you have further queries about your course attempt status Email Us.

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