Re-enrolling for students currently on Approved Leave

I am currently on Approved Leave. Do I need to re-enrol?

Once your period of Approved Leave expires you must re-enrol or apply for a further period of Approved Leave. If you do not re-enrol by the end of week 2 of Semester 1 or Semester 2, the University will assume that you are not returning and discontinue/lapse your enrolment. This means you will need to reapply to the University if you wish to return to study.

Re-enrol online via studentConnect during the official re-enrolment periods. Log on to studentConnect using your Pheme password and select 'Online Enrolment & Change of Enrolment'. You can change your enrolment later, if you need to.

If you wish to apply for another period of Approved Leave, you must wait until your current leave has expired. Applications can then be made online during the re-enrolment period.


  • Your Pheme password is only active for 6 months. If you do not use your password for 6 months, you will not be able to access University systems and will need to reactivate it via Pheme.
  • Your account will remain active for 12 months after graduation.
  • If your enrolment is discontinued your account will only remain active for 28 days. 

If you are unsure what date your Approved Leave expires, submit an enquiry via 'Email Us'.

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