Importance of re-enrolling

Why do I need to re-enrol?

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It is important to re-enrol each calendar year so the University knows:

  • You are continuing your course, and
  • Which units you wish to study

Once you have re-enrolled you can change your unit selection later. Check the Teaching Period dates for when you need to finalise your enrolment for each semester.

If you want to take time away from your studies, you must apply for Approved Leave.

If you miss the re-enrolment deadline, you may need to pay a late fee to re-enrol. If you do not re-enrol by the end of week 1 of Semester, or are not granted Approved Leave, the University will assume you are not returning to study and your enrolment will be discontinued (lapsed). If you wish to return to study, you will need to re-apply for your course.

You will only have access to re-enrol in your current course. If you are an undergraduate student and wish to enrol in a different undergraduate course, you should submit an Undergraduate Transfer Application.

Other students wishing to change course should apply as a new applicant. Refer to the Future Students' website for application details.

You can visit the Current Students website for more information and re-enrolment dates.  

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