When to expect information about graduation

I expect to complete my course soon. When will I receive information about graduation?

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students
The graduations team will send you an email to your student email account inviting you to apply to graduate in the last semester of your course. We identify students in their last semester based on the nominated completion period  selected in studentConnect

MID 2020 - you will receive an email in late April with applications closing on 15 May. Due to the Federal Government’s ban on gatherings of more than 2 people, we have had to postpone face-to-face graduation ceremonies scheduled for July 2020. Students who are eligible to graduate by mid-2020 will do so in absentia on 27 July 2020 and invited to attend a ceremony of their choosing within the next two years once gathering are permitted again.

END 2020 - you will receive an email in early September with applications closing on 23 September for the December graduation ceremonies.

If you do not receive an email please use Email Us.

PhD and Masters by Research Students
You must complete all the course requirements of your degree, in accordance with the Student Rules, Policies and Procedures, including the satisfactory completion of any corrections to your thesis before you can apply to graduate. This means you must have submitted your thesis to the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office for permanent binding by the date set out on our Conferment dates web page. If you are enrolled in a combined course you are only permitted to graduate after completion of both degrees.

If you expect to submit your corrected thesis for permanent binding please email the Graduation Team via Email Us so we can give you access to the on-line application form.

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