NHMRC Journal Articles and the UWA Research Repository

Will publications resulting from an NHMRC/ARC grant be included in the UWA Profiles and Research Repository?

Answer ID 2145 | Last updated on 12/01/2023 03.41 PM

All publications (regardless whether they result from ARC/NHMRC funding or not) that are indexed by Scopus or Web of Science will be imported into the UWA Profiles and Research Repository, as long as they include the ‘University of Western Australia’ in the by-line. UWA researchers can add publications that are missing the University by-line, or are not indexed by Scopus or Web of Science at any time throughout the year in one of the following ways:

Please refer to the Open Access Toolkit and ‘Support and FAQs’ to learn more about adding your publications to UWA Profiles and Research Repository and how it assists you to comply with ARC and NHMRC Open Access Mandates.
Alternatively you can contact the Library support team for further information.

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