Indigenous Studies Essentials (ISE) explained

What is ISE?

Indigenous Studies Essentials (ISE) is a 'welcome-to-country' that introduces you to the shared learning space of UWA. This learning space includes both Western and Indigenous knowledge systems. The unit looks at the local, national and global contexts of Indigenous peoples. You will consider where the University is located and share in the Noongar story of the place, explore Aboriginal people in a national context and Indigenous people globally. You are also introduced to a range of protocols relevant to your professional and disciplinary context.

ISE provides a learning module with four topics:

  1. Noongar people and the custodianship of country
  2. Indigenous People of Australia
  3. The Global Indigenous Context
  4. Cultural literacy in professional contexts

You must complete the learning module in order to gain access to the quiz. In order to pass the unit, you must achieve a score of at least 80% in the quiz by the end of the teaching period in which you are enrolled. This due date is shown on LMS. You are able to take the quiz as many times as necessary before the due date. Only your highest score is recorded.

For more information about ISE visit the ISE web page and for further information about LMS check the Student LMS Help site.

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