Turnitin supported file formats and maximum file size

What is the maximum file size and formats support for submissions through Turnitin?

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The maximum file size for Turnitin assignments is 40MB (megabytes). Documents must be less than 400 pages and contain at least 20 words of text.
Turnitin supports the following file formats:
  • Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx)
  • OpenOffice Text (.odt)
  • WordPerfect (.wpd)
  • PostScript (.ps/.eps)
  • HTML
  • Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp)
  • Rich text format (.rtf)
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx, .ppt, .ppsx, and .pps)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)
Note: PDF documents must contain text to be submitted. PDF files containing only images of text (such as a page scanned from a print book) will be rejected during the upload attempt. For all file types, Turnitin checks for matches in text only, not in images or videos. Pages files can not be submitted through Turnitin. UWA students can download and install Microsoft Office 365 for free. 
For further information, see the Library's Turnitin guide.

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