What to expect when you graduate

What will happen at my graduation ceremony?

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At the commencement of the ceremony, members of the audience are asked to stand while the Academic Procession enters Winthrop Hall. Graduands and guests remain standing until the Chancellor asks the audience to be seated after which time a brief welcome address is delivered.

At a point in the ceremony graduands are asked to take their lead from Graduation staff who will arrange them for presentation. When the conferring of awards commences, successive rows of graduands will be directed to rise, file out of their seating row and move towards the balcony for lining up, before being directed to the stage.

The Dean and/or Head of School of your School will read out the names of all graduands present in the Hall and one by one graduands will cross the stage a proceed towards the Chancellor, stop at a spot marked on the floor, ‘pinch’ the right side of their cap with their thumb and index finger whilst the photographer takes a stage photo.

There will be no hand shaking and appropriate COVID-19 physical distance will be maintained while ensuring the graduand receives a quality stage photo.

After all graduands have crossed the stage for respective degrees, diplomas and certificates, graduands will be asked to stand while the Chancellor confers the awards. Once your award is conferred, you become a graduate of this University.

The Warden of Convocation officially welcomes the new graduates as lifelong members of the University and the Valedictory Address will be delivered. On occasion, the University may also award Honorary Degrees and/or Chancellor's Medals to distinguished invitees who have made an invaluable contribution to the University and the community.

At the end of the ceremony the audience will be asked to stand; all new graduates will join the official procession and exit Winthrop Hall.

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