Enrolling after paying an encumbrance

I have paid my encumbrance, why can't I enrol?

If you have paid your encumbrance online it takes 5 working days for the payment to be cleared, allocated to your record and your encumbrance removed.

If you pay between mid-December and mid-January then your payment may take longer than 5 working days to be processed due to the end of year University shutdown period. All payments made during this time will be processed once the University re-opens in early January. Once processed it will still take 5 working days for your payment to be cleared by our Fees team and the encumbrance lifted from your record. You will be able to re-enrol once this has been done.

In exceptional circumstances if you require your encumbrance to be lifted urgently use Email Us to submit an enquiry with proof of payment attached. The Fees team will respond to you as soon as practical.

Note: The first weeks of January are very busy with processing of payments. We appreciate your patience during this time.

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