Obtaining your degree certificate before you graduate

I have applied to graduate at the next ceremony round but I need my certificate now for a job application. Is it possible to get my certificate early?

Answer ID 229 | Last updated on 30/01/2023 11.14 AM

Award certificates must be formally conferred by the University at either a Graduation Ceremony, which you attend, or a in-absentia conferral date before they can be issued. You will receive your award certificate when you formally graduate from your course either by attending a ceremony, or in the post after a in-absentia conferral date.

Depending on the information you require for your application, you can order a Statement of Academic Record (which includes all of your grades) or a Statement of Qualifications (which has your completion date and expected graduation date) on studentConnect. You can use these documents as proof of your course completion before you formally graduate.

Samples of academic documents are available on the current student website, as well as prices and delivery options.

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