Standard of marks required for Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) students

Do I need to maintain high marks as a Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) student?

Answer ID 2354 | Last updated on 17/01/2023 12.39 PM

As the Bachelor of Philosophy (Hons) is a highly competitive course, you need to maintain a combined WAM of 75 and pass all units to remain in good standing. If you encounter difficulties you are encouraged to be pro-active.

For example:

  • It's only week 3 and you are having trouble with an arts unit. You are worried the unit may drop your WAM below 75 so you take a course in Essay Writing with STUDYSmarter to improve your marks.
  • You miss a language test due to illness. You promptly submit a Special Consideration (online form) to the BPhil Office so you are not penalised for missing the test.

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