Changing your name on your certificate

What happens if I change my name?

If your degree has been conferred (graduated) you cannot get a new certificate in a different name. You can however receive a new Academic Transcript/Record and/or a Statement of Qualifications Letter in your new name.

If you have not yet had your award conferred (graduated), you must provide one of the following original documents listing your name as you wish it to be recorded by the University:

(a) change of name certificate
(b) birth certificate
(c) passport
(d) marriage certificate

You must complete the online Application to Graduate form then bring in original documentation to the Enquiry Counter, Student Administration by the date stipulated.

If you live outside of Perth, interstate or overseas and are unable to visit our office in person, please forward by mail by the date stipulated an original certified copy of one of the above documents which has been signed by one of the following:

  • A Justice of the Peace
  • Commissioner of Declarations
  • A notary public 
  • A person who is permitted to witness documents

Note: Photocopies and scanned copies will not be accepted.

You will be able to rearrange the order of your names by following the prompts during the online application process. You do not need to present any legal documentation in this situation. Please be aware that you are able to rearrange the order of your names on your certificate however all other official documentation will appear as given name/s first then your surname.


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